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All these products are made in the finest tartan silk, wool or polyviscose and are available from our online catalog.
Silk Tartan Ties
Silk Tartan Bow Tie
Silk Tartan Braces
Silk Tartan Handkerchiefs
Silk Tartan Cufflinks
Silk Tartan Cummerbunds
Gents Silk Tartan Waistcoats
Wool Tartan Material
Polyviscose Tartan Material

Wool Tartan Ties
Tartan Bow Tie
Tartan Braces
Tartan Cufflinks
Tartan Cummerbunds
Tartan Travel Rug
Tartan Teddy Bear
Tartan Scottie Dog
Tartan Westie

Ladies Silk Tartan Waistcoats
Silk Tartan Scarves
Silk Tartan Earrings
Silk Tartan Scrunchies
Velvet and Tartan Plumed Berets
Silk Tartan Material
If you do not find the product you require please email us at enquieries@tartangift.co.uk